Posted by Doug Dawson on Sep 12, 2021
Mary Ellen Barrett, Deputy SD District Attorney for Human Trafficking is recognized and honored for her efforts!
Mary Ellen Barrett, Deputy SD District Attorney for Human Trafficking, and our club’s nominee for the annual District Pathways to Peace Award, won the prize this year!
It was presented by District Peace Chair Mike Bardin, during the annual District Conference, on 9/11/21 at the Del Coronado Hotel. 
Doug Dawson, wrote and shepherded the award through the selection process. He says, "Mary Ellen has been working for and leading various county and worldwide organizations in the fight to minimize sex and slave labor crimes.  She organizes a team of 8 prosecutors just in the area of such victimization, and makes recommendations to judges on those victims that should see their conviction vacated, due to the circumstances of their captivity. She is a true hero of the community.”
Last year over 3000 individuals were victimized in our county, and the crimes generated over $800 million to the perpetrators involved. COVID exacerbated the issues, since more children were out of school during the year, often with less parental supervision, and definitely less teacher guidance.