Posted by Bill Brehm on Apr 16, 2021
On Friday April 16, 2021,  Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo volunteers supported the San Diego Blood Bank and their Bloodmobile at Albertsons parking lot on Rancho Bernardo Road. 
There were two shifts of RB Rotary Club volunteers to help direct and screen blood donors for the San Diego Blood Bank, plus providing snacks as a small "Thank You”. 
Thirty five people came to donate blood and 29 units of blood were donated. This was double the amount of donors and units that were obtained at a previous "visit" of the Blood Bank to the Albertson's location. Jim Hyldahl, Rotary community service chair, said The Rancho Bernardo Rotary volunteer support and promotion in Pomerado Newspapers helped boost blood donations and exposure to the blood drive. Blood Bank management says that Blood donations are always needed, but due to the pandemic, blood donations are needed even more. The Rancho Bernardo Rotary Club extends their thanks all of those fine people that took time out of their busy day to donate blood and perhaps save a person's life. 

Picture one in front of the Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo canopy are Rotary volunteers, Alan Turner, Jim Hyldahl, Alex Robertson (RBRotary Club President), Sandie Dewane, Dave King, and Tom Kapocius.  
Picture two in front of the mobile Blood Bank shows RB Rotary Volunteers Bob Vaughn, Resa Coopat, Miss Teen RB 2021 Charlotte Parrish, Johanna Mullin, Don Glover and Jim Hyldahl (not pictured Lynn Ross)
Third picture shows the RB Rotarians and Miss Teen Rancho Bernardo welcoming blood donors to the mobile San Diego Blood Bank in the Albertsons parking lot on RB Road.